Are prescription drugs
killing us

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Although we have been working with essential oils for about a month, I have learned so much about the pros and cons. Also I have realised that there is such a big debate about the safe use of essential oils internally. so much research and trawling through various articles and posts that you can kind of get lost in a world of split decisions. (I will probably be scrutinised for this, but oh well.) I have found myself googling this and that for answers to many questions, but the main one that keeps cropping up is ‘is it safe to consume essential oils?’ From what I have read you should never talk to a professional aromatherapist about the internal use (opens up a whole new ‘can of worms’) with some very big and sometimes long replies. I will get to this later but first, let us take a look at some interesting facts I have learnt along my travels?

–The pharmaceutical companies are going to hate me but I’m only stating facts here and will link any relative info as well.–

As we all know, America’s leading cause of death isn’t heart disease or cancer: its conventional medicine. In fact, the death rate (death caused by doctors and/or medical treatments) is 783,936 a year and that’s a staggering 84,059 more than the deaths from heart disease in 2001 and even more so a whopping 230,865 more than cancer! I mean what is going on here? to be honest, I don’t know what’s scarier the fact it happens or the fact that it happens so much it has a name! IATROGENUS
WOW, just wow that is remarkable right? within a whole ten year period that would equate to around 7.8 million….. I mean I was gobsmacked at them figures

Here is a post relating to this very discussion

Have you noticed that I haven’t mentioned essential oils?

well, that’s because the death or mortality rate is so minute that I can’t even find any figures only rough estimates? but deaths by EOs are only in the thousands -strike one to the EOs-
have you seen that everywhere that sells essential oils they don’t claim or broadcast what they do? yeah I know I have, maybe I can shed some light on that too.

The FDA argues that dōTERRA and Young Living are marketing their products as drugs without being FDA approved. Almost a year after their initial probe, these companies now risk armed federal marshals coming to their warehouses and seizing all of their inventory. But the companies have argued that their consultants are not employees and are allowed to say whatever they want about these products. If I buy chocolate chip cookies from a wholesale distributor and then set up a website claiming that these cookies cure infertility, is it the wholesale distributor’s fault? Are they responsible for how I market their cookies?

This made me chuckle, the fact that they will not recognise them as ‘drugs’ ooh that’s probably because of the harm it would do to the big pharmaceutical companies. and that damage would cost billions.

here is how the FDA classes them as cosmetics or drugs.

  • If a product is intended only to cleanse the body or to make a person more attractive, it’s a cosmetic. So, if a product such as a shower gel is intended only to cleanse the body, orIperfume or cologne is intended only to make a person smell good, it’s a cosmetic.
  • If a product is more so for a therapeutic use, such as treating or preventing disease or to affect the structure or function of the body, it’s a drug. For example, claims that a product will relieve colic, ease pain, relax muscles, treat depression or anxiety, or help you sleep are drug claims.
  • Such claims are sometimes made for products such as soaps, lotions, and massage oils containing “essential oils” and marketed as “aromatherapy.” The fact that a fragrance material or other ingredient comes from a plant doesn’t keep it from being regulated as a drug.
  • Under the law, drugs must meet requirements such as FDA approval for safety and effectiveness before they go on the market. To find out if a product marketed with drug claims is FDA-approved, contact FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), at
The FDA has added information on its page about the toxicity of essential oils.

Yet the American Association of Poison Control Centers has 0 deaths on record from essential oils. How many people die each year from FDA-regulated drugs? Have you ever heard of anyone becoming addicted to essential oils? Do any drug dealers sell essential oils on the street corners of your city? Have you ever heard of anyone being murdered because of the sale of illicit essential oils?

no, me neither!

essential oils precede medicine and pharmaceutical products by thousands of years. The National Institutes of Health’s website has published thousands of studies proving the factual benefits of these oils. There is positive healing, at such a smaller cost in essential oils. You can’t patent a plant, so paying for an FDA study for a product that anyone can create at home is out of the question.

The biggest mystery is the claim that essential oils can cure cancer, is this true? I don’t think we will find out anytime soon. yes, there has been claims and proofs over the centuries that it can happen, but can you really see the governing bodies giving the support and resources to test and trial this theory?
no, is the answer it would be too damaging to the economy and would cost billions in revenue for over the counter medicines and prescription drugs. but all the evidence is there to prove that essential oils can cure but are under a tight lip and as such companies that sell EOs are not allowed to make these claims through adverts or other media outlets.

here is an article that goes into more depth.

so here we are the penultimate piece of the puzzle.

can we ingest or consume EOs?

yes, we can but with caution. many aromatherapy professionals are probably shouting at me now but it true! you can consume them but you would not be getting the full benefits from the aromatic plants. The hint is in the name AROMATIC. it has been proven that to get the best out these oils is to diffuse them. strange I know but it is to do with the nature of these oils. antibiotics are the number one big seller and as such create a new strain of the virus that is resistant to antibiotics, a superbug. but what if we could use essential oils to do the same thing? but this time the virus would be killed and would never become resistant to it? sounds great, doesn’t it?

there have been many tests done on certain EOs like oregano with astounding findings look here.

the bottom line is yes we can consume the oils but under strict rules, but why would you eat something that smells so intoxicating and blissful?