JUNE, 2018

Essential Oils
CBD Oils

Quality, does it really matter in this day and age? I for one, believe that there is no substitute for it… Unfortunately not everyone sees it the same way.

Why is it when it comes to most things quality really matters to us as humans? New phones we have to have the latest and newest one available. new cars the same thing, We are very picky when it comes down to it. then why is it when it comes to our own health and well being then people seem to take the cheaper options! Why do we in general, chose to go for the easy option rather than the quality one? lets delve into this a little deeper and find out if it’s really worth cutting corners or not……

Little bottles of joy and good health

As a whole, we would rather opt for the cheaper bargain than pay a little extra for the high quality one. In this day and age people find it harder to live on the little money that they earn, higher cost of living vs lower rates of pay is bad for the economy. It’s also bad for businesses to sell their high products for the price they ask. Being in the health and wellness market we too find it hard to market our products without discretion. Hitting a brick wall whenever we mention the price.

“Products that are well designed have value beyond necessity: The defining feature of a great product isn’t its power, its size, its speed, or its novelty. We value things according to the quality of the experience we have when we use them… A great product doesn’t just do its job; it does something more”

  – Harold Hambrose

So we chose quantity of quality, but sometimes quality really is the best option. I personally wouldn’t use anything other than the best when it comes to mine or my families health. I’ve been using essential oils nearly a year now and only recently have we become a drug free family. This would not be the case if I had of chosen a low quality product or brand! With so much choice out there why would you? We did a little market research recently on cbd oils. yes that’s right, we went to the local “health” shop to see what they had to offer. we were shocked at our findings. I have included a few images below to show the ingredients of their oil and the same for our own.

Our product label

The other  product

As you can plainly see our cbd oil has just 2 ingredients, hemp oil and peppermint flavouring, whereas the “other product” has 4! Which has the better quality? our product costs £55.90 and the alternative is £19.99 admittedly ours is 30ml and the other is 10ml but I’ll let you do the maths. Even with this information people still take the cheaper product. I find it hard to believe how much people listen to main stream media and how much  ‘clout’ the big pharmaceutical companies have, even recently there was a post about how YouTube has started to clamp down on anyone posting videos about alternative health options you can find it here.
We have got into a habit of sticking to what we know, people are uneducated in the natural alternatives and therefore tend to not even consider them. Even if they are a better option.