what can we actually

I have noticed an increase recently, more and more people asking the same question…..

what is it that we can say our oils can do?

As anyone in the aromatherapy and essential oil community is fully aware, we are bound by rules and regulations about claims that our oils can cure disease and illnesses. Even the slightest hint of a claim can land you in a whole heap of trouble. Yes we have all read online somewhere someone has cured this and that but if you actually read carefully you will find that they also have been hit with lawsuits and fines for said claims! even if they were true.


Not many people actually know this but there is actually a law in place  The 1939 Cancer Act Yes, that’s right a cancer act?  cancer research UK has an explanative article about it here.

but the bottom line is that it is designed to protect cancer patients and the public from being bombarded with adverts for cancer treatments, from any source, including medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, alternative practitioners, or anyone else.

This is right across the board too but in certain countries like the us that uses direct-to-consumer advertising or marketing.

We all have to be careful with how we promote our products, each company has its own guidelines on dos and donts. I am proud of what I know my oils can and cant do and the company I am with complies with all these regulations completely. here is their Quick Claims Guide. it outlines what and how we should phrase our products.

The FDA also has its own regulations and it explains all the definitions as to what aromatherapy and essential oils do. Whether it be cosmetic or a drug the FDA has to uphold the law an regulate it.

Do medicines
really cure?

Now we can come to the interesting bit…….

We see it all the time, people with common colds spending fortunes on over the counter meds. but truth be told they don’t cure colds they just ease the symptoms to allow your own body to fight and heal itself! hmmm now, you’re wondering if that’s the case then why can’t I advertise my oils in the same manner? that is because they are regulated differently as they are not technically classed as drugs, but more of a cosmetic. yes, they have their own properties but we cannot claim they cure a cold, well not publically we cant. but what we can do is share how they helped us to beat a cold or depression, we all know deep down that they work and eventually with enough research and testing the governing bodies will see the same. here is an interesting read about over the counter meds. I hope this has helped everyone to understand a little bit more?