Angel Cards and Angelic Healing


Angelic Healing is a form of energy healing. We all have an energy system, which sometimes gets blocked during our daily lives. Think of these blocks like boulders in a river. Blocks like this get built up when we feel anger, fear, pain, resentment, or anything that is not in true alignment with who we are. We can loosen or remove some of the “boulders” with Angelic Healing, so we are back in the flow – feeling more energetic and more alive, more in tune with our higher self.

What is Angelic Healing?

Angelic Healing works with the love and healing of the angels. The angels guide us through our lives. In Angelic Healing, the angels guide the therapist while s/he works with the client. The therapist is a vessel to let the healing of the angels pass into the client. The therapist is open to this energy and fully guided by the angels. The higher energy of the angels is cleansing, clearing, and recharging.

Our bodies are amazing. When they are in tune and healthy, self-healing is possible. Remember what your body does when you get the flu or a cold – it heals itself; even broken bones grow back together.

The angels help us to bring our bodies back to their optimum healing abilities. Any blockages present can be removed.
Energy goes where thought goes, so if we concentrate on healing and cleansing, we heal and cleanse.
A combination of images and senses guide me, as an Angelic Healer, and help me concentrate on the healing and tasks at hand.
Angelic Healing comes so natural for me. I am so attuned with the healing and so in awe of what is happening; it’s like watching a movie – a new one every time.
I let the angels guide me and show me what to do. I listen to them and tune into the client in order to know where to go and how to heal. 

I am guided to spreading love and healing.

What are Angel Cards?


Angel cards are oracle packs full of inspirational and motivational words and phrases. Inspired by the angels themselves, your pack may consist of anything from 36 to a hundred or more cards. Your pack may be illustrated with pictures of angels or beautiful spiritual images, sometimes referencing the words on the card.

Less scary than tarot cards, the angel cards need no special training and can be used within minutes of opening the pack. Most packs have a leaflet or booklet of information describing further information about each card or simply suggesting a variety of ways you can use them.

Your cards may have affirmations, inspirations or straightforward words of guidance. Messages on angel packs are always positive and uplifting. They are suitable for people of all ages and experiences and are completely safe for children to use.

How does Angelic Healing work?

Angel Healing Therapy works with the angels, archangels and ascended masters to assist with healing, grounding and protection, inspiration and fulfilment, gratitude and happiness. It is a form of energy healing channelled through a practitioner and is activated by calling upon the angels to assist within everyday life. Angels are there to help everyone…but you do have to ask for that help!

An Angel Healing Therapist can facilitate others to find and connect with their guardian angels and the wider angelic realm, which can also mean calling upon specific angels who have a special focus e.g. Archangel Michael – the great protector, Archangel Raphael – the healer and Archangel Gabriel – the angel of revelation. The therapist acts as a heightened connection through which the angels can channel their energy. In this way, it can appear very similar to reiki and appropriately attuned therapists can even bring the two therapies together as ‘Angel Reiki’.

The history of angels as we know them today dates as far back as 550BC but Angel Healing Therapy appeared and grew significantly towards the end of the twentieth century. Although there is a more complicated hierarchy of celestial choirs, including cherubim and seraphim, it is the lower rungs of angels and archangels that we hear the most about as these sit more closely to the earthly level. They can help us in our daily lives to move positively forward and facilitate in the removal of physical, emotional and spiritual obstacles when it is in our best interest.

An Angel Healing Therapy session can provide a feeling of increased well-being and balance, reduce stress, anxiety and feelings of unease by bringing a sense of release, calm and peace, remove energetic blockages and help to ease physical ailments. A session may take the form of a hands-on or ‘hands near’ (or even remote) treatment to facilitate the channelling of energy, which may also include aura cleansing and balancing chakras to smooth the path of healing and a person’s receptivity towards it. It can involve Angel Card readings, meditation, the use of crystals and even sound energy (such as angelic tuning forks, which deliver particular frequencies to connect with your higher self and the angels).

How do Angel Card Readings work?

The grandparents of Angel cards were oracle cards, said to have their origins with gypsies. Oracles cards would have symbolic pictures with precise meanings. Sometimes even a deck of playing cards would be used for oracles. As unsure as we are where oracle cards originated we do know that in the nineteenth century France oracle cards became very popular. One cartomancer, Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, dazzled the rich and powerful with her skill with oracle cards. The deck created in her name became the most popular set of oracles cards, remaining so to this day.

However, with the emergence of the New Age Movement new designs for oracle cards emerged, among them angel cards. There a number of different decks, all operating from the same intent, but have different messages. Doreen Virtues Archangel Oracle cards pairs an angel with a concept, providing a commentary on each card. A second deck she authored, Healing With the Angels, does not focus in individual angels but in general guidance through symbols. Diane Cooper’s Angel of Light cards combines guidance with affirmations to enlighten the querent. These are just a few angel decks available.