April updates.

As promised this will be our new update section, here we will post all the current research news and trends. We will also use this section to update with events and any new content added to this site.

So without further ado i will now announce that in may ’18, we will be adding more oils to our growing list we already have. we will also look into adding a whole new page with “ailments” on and how essential oils could help with each of them. We are looking into adding a calendar to the site with all the major events from the holistic world ranging from conventions to shows and everything in between (but that’s another story).

We are going to add a map and search option showing the locations of where our oils are sourced. Each pin will have its own description of the oil that originates from there.

As this is our first update post we will not overload you with everything, it would be too much to take in. but I would like to say thank you for reading and lets look forward to a fun and enlightened year.